Leadership for Business

Lord Digby Jones can help you reignite and stimulate your business performance with better and more effective leadership. As former Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Digby has a unique breadth of experience when it comes to a focused business approach.

Business management has changed. The contemporary marketplace demands that leaders of today are visionary, ethical and innovative. This requires a new approach to management training and leadership development.

A perfect leader suited to one business may not be ideal for another.

These days your leaders' visions are as important as your business strategy. They must possess the traits that motivate others to follow them in new directions; traits such as emotional stability, enthusiasm, conscientiousness, and social boldness.

Digby can help you devise an effective leadership and management programme and determine the traits that characterise an effective leader for your business. He can also challenge and stimulate your existing leaders – developing their strengths and coaching them on their weaknesses, such as time management and psychological resistance, helping them envision a future that works as well for them as it does for your business process.