Opinion from Lord Digby Jones

Go on ... you can do it George

Published Monday 3 October, 2011

So the Tory faithful gather in Manchester this week. In the light of recent developments and events they have a golden opportunity to pull a few levers, press a button or two and show the UK Business Community that they "get it".

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A Lesson Not Learnt

Published Tuesday 20 September, 2011

Some things never change … As the World gets back to work this month, one is left seething with frustration at the seemingly limitless capacity of leaders (and especially political leaders) for again and again "doing the wrong thing".

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A Game of Two Halves

Published Saturday 13 August, 2011

It's one minute to go in a very tense Premiership battle towards the end of the season. Top versus bottom. A complacent team of visitors (last season's Premiership Champions) are winning, but only just. The relegation-fighting hosts are awarded a penalty! Salvation beckons.

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Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

Published Monday 1 August, 2011

In my line of work I receive a lot of written and spoken reaction to my ideas and views. I reckon “a lot” is far fewer than so many public figures much further up the food chain than low pond life such as me, but it is always interesting to hear and read views and opinions. Thank heavens we live in a Society where such behaviour is encouraged without fear or favour!

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Thank heavens we're not in the Euro

Published Monday 1 August, 2011

Mention problems in Euroland and we all indulge (if we can stay awake) in a mixture of “told you so” and “ho ho ho”.

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Pipped At The Post

Published Wednesday 13 July, 2011

With all the attention, media and political, finely tuned on Matters Murdoch it is easy to forget another issue of enormous importance for all of us that happened a few days ago.

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Shares And Share Alike

Published Monday 27 June, 2011

So Mr Clegg. Let's get this right. You've had an idea! Dangerous that, you know … look what happened the last time you had one of those … all those students believed you meant no increase in tuition fees (in fact, you pledged their abolition; the fees that is, not the students. Ah! But then, perhaps as ideas go … ?) and look where that got you.

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“If it ain’t broke don't fix it” …

Published Monday 6 June, 2011

… goes the saying and I have yet to hear a good enough case, from a beneficial output point of view, to justify creating a wholly or mostly elected House of Lords.

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To AV or not to AV

Published Tuesday 3 May, 2011

Once the Royal Nuptials are out of the way we all get back to work after the longest Easter Break since the Schism, the Nation's attention will turn to only the second Referendum (in England) ever.

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At Five to Midnight

Published Tuesday 19 April, 2011

Visitors to my website cannot have failed to notice that my first book has just been published! Great excitement in the Jones household ...

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