Opinion from Lord Digby Jones

Come on!

Published Monday 16 April, 2012

As the Country returns to work (and School ... er ... Parliament) this morning after Easter, there are a few issues that need to be sorted, and quickly. All are capable of speedy resolution; all would enable us to feel the smack of firm government; all would just give the impression the Country knows what it's doing.

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Cable Should Battle for Business

Published Monday 19 March, 2012

What Vince Cable is having to do as part of this Government is counterintuitive to his DNA as a man of the Left. All governments benefit from people prodding and poking, speculating about Britain's future, but that's for an away day, not a daily activity.

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UK Government failing to protect its own citizens

Published Tuesday 28 February, 2012

I am sure you have all heard of the latest business person to be extradited to the USA without even a prima facie case having to be proven in the UK against him. This is entirely down to UK legislation and not the fault of the Americans.

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Why I am not standing to be the Elected Mayor of Birmingham

Published Saturday 18 February, 2012

Birmingham will be holding a Referendum in May as to whether the governance of the City should change and whether there should be an Elected Mayor, running Birmingham with an appointed Cabinet, all accountable to the elected Councillors.

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Double standards or what?

Published Thursday 9 February, 2012

I was lucky enough to learn a lot during my time at the CBI and again in Government. One earth-shattering truism that became clear to me during those years of which I have been forcefully and sadly reminded over the past few days is "don't listen to what politicians say; watch what they do."

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So what do the Scots really want?

Published Wednesday 18 January, 2012

So they're under starter's orders! For three Party Leaders it will get personal, and will certainly be career-defining. For the United Kingdom it will shape the Union for lifetimes to come. For Scotland it will ask just as many questions as it answers.

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Final Reflections

Published Saturday 17 December, 2011

I settled down to pen a few bon mots last weekend. Some thoughts on the Autumn Statement and the Public Sector Pensions issue I decided. But then I looked to the end of the week ahead and decided to keep my quill hovering over the papyrus until the umpteenth "Three-milliseconds-to-save-the-Euro" Summit had taken place. As it turned out … a good move!

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Freedom Isn't Free

Published Saturday 17 December, 2011

From Trafalgar's seas to Blenheim's fields ...

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A New Dawn

Published Tuesday 25 October, 2011

It can only be good news that another murdering, tyrannical dictator meets a grisly end pleading for his own life; and (extremely importantly) at the hands of his own people.

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Go on ... you can do it George

Published Monday 3 October, 2011

So the Tory faithful gather in Manchester this week. In the light of recent developments and events they have a golden opportunity to pull a few levers, press a button or two and show the UK Business Community that they "get it".

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